Saturday, December 24, 2011


Review Policy
My reviews are not professional, they are only my personal opinion as a reader. If I don’t like a book I will give my thoughts on it, I wont lie.  I always  find something good to say about every book, whether is on the cover, the writing or the story so I’ll try to be as objective as I can.
*I also review books or stories from online authors so if you want me to review your story go to  or send me an e-mail to

Giveaway Policy
The winner of any giveaway will have 48 hours to answer the e-mail that will be send to them, If I get no answer another winner will be chosen.

Editing Policy: 

I also provide an editing service, I do this for free on the condition that my client will provide a link to my blog ( at the end of every chapter  I edit or at the end of the book, and also that my client will give me credit for the editing on the cover of the book, my name presented as "Daniela Piedra"
I provide this service in both english and spanish.

Terms and conditions:

* My name will be present on the cover of the book/ story providing credit saying that I edited the story/book.

*If it is a weekly updated story then credit and a link to my blog have to be present at the end of the chapter

* It will usualy take me 1 day to edit a 4 page chapter, if the chapter is longer it will take longer; also if I'm provided with an entire book a date or period of time will have to be talked with the writer.

* I don't guarantee that my editing will be perfect but I have taken writing courses and I put my heart on a job every time

If you are willing to agree to all my terms and conditions then I'm at your service! If you are interested in my services sent me an e-mail with the information and lenght of the book/story to

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