Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Buy List (1)


1.Tempest Rising by Tracy Deeds Tempest rising by Tracey Deeds

Tempest Maguiere is a great surfer with a great life and a great boyfriend but she has a secret, she is half mermaid, her 16 birthday is approaching and with that comes the responsibility of having to choose between her current life and giving herself to the ocean like her mother. And then when Tempest finally gives herself to the water’s temptation and goes to this amazing world, she realizes that it was always her destiny and that maybe the entire ocean’s future lays in her shoulders.


2.Kiss of life (generation dead #2) Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

This is the second book in the Generation dead series so if you haven’t read the first book click here. The virus is here to stay, the undead teenagers are still here and new ones are rising. As the undead population rises scientists look for answers and politicians speak, the undead make a group called “The sons of Romero” hoping to find solidarity, understanding and maybe a place for them.



3.The summer I turned Pretty by  Jenny  Jan The summer I turned pretty by jenny han

Belly has known Jeremiah and Conrad ever since she was little, they never really looked at her in more ways than a friend but one summer Belly comes back and she is completely different, she is now a beautiful girl and instead of making sandcastles like every other summer this brothers will spend the whole summer fighting for her.



4.The secret of Ka by Christopher Pikethe secret of ka-Christofer Pike

One minute Sara's bored on vacation in Istanbul. The next, she's unearthed a flying carpet that cleverly drags her to the mysterious Island of the Djinn—or genies. By her side is Amesh, a cute guy she has a crush on but doesn't yet trust. When Amesh learns the secret of invoking djinn, he loses control. He swears he'll call upon only one djinn and make one wish. The plan sounds safe enough. But neither Sara nor Amesh are any match for the monster that that swells before them. It hypnotizes Amesh, compelling him to steal Sara’s flying carpet and leave her stranded on the island.



5.Rot & Ruined by Jonathan Maberryrot & ruin by Jonathan Maberry

In a zombie apocalyptical world every 15 year old needs to find a job or get their rations cut in half. Benny has no choice but to become a zombie hunter as her brother but he gets a big surprise as he realizes zombies are not what people said they were.

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