Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Versatile Blog Award!!


I just won an award!! Thanks to Berenice  for giving me this amazing award! I'm so happy! :D




  • Thank and link the blogger who bestowed the award.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers, and be sure to let them know.


My Random Facts:

1. I’m still in high school, but when I get out I’ll hopefully study Journalism in New York

2.When making my reviews I always try to say things in the nicest way because I think writing a book is hard and it deserves some respect.

3.My favorite class is History because is just like reading a book about a story that happened a long time ago.

4.My favorite color is turquoise

5.When I was little I hated to read, I would start crying & everything; who knew??

6.I cant live without an agenda; I forget eveything

7.My favorite book of all times is The fall by Garth Nix!

Bloggers I passed thin on to:

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