Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School Special!


Hi guys! I know that some of my readers just went back to school so I wanted to make a little post about some apps for ipod/ ipad/iphone to help you in school! Bellow I’ll put a picture of the app and a description! I hope you like it please comment and follow.


1. TCT Llite:

This app has the periodic table available for you in one click, it has the names and abbreviations of the elements, it is color coded and has many more functions. This app if free.


2. Wikipanion:

This app makes available all Wikipedia entries, it is easy and fast to use, perfect to find information quickly. This app is free.



3. Do it (Tomorrow):

This app helps you get things done, it has a very simple process in which you put thinks you need to do the same day and then when they are finished you put a check on it and its done. It also makes available alarms and notifications so you wont forget to do a homework.This app is free.


4. Adobe Reader:

This is a very simple concept, Adobe Reader is an app that opens many kind of document formats. It is perfect to read a book or a paper for an exam. The format present in this app isn’t open for changes. This app is free.


5. Synotes:

This is an app to write notes, you can organize them by matter and keep everything organized. This app is free.





Hello! First of all I hope you liked the blog post! that said I wanted to inform you that because of the lack of time I have to dedicate to blogging I will be posting on this blog only once a weak, that will be Sunday. Now referring to my YouTube channel the rules apply as well. One video every Sunday! I am not reading as much as I used to so the reviews will be less frequent but I will be posting other kind of blogs, like this one or internet stories that you should read, to buy lists and to read lists! so stay tuned because this blog is about to get a lot more interesting! <3 love you all.