Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


Warm Bodies


Author: Isaac Marion

Pages: 240

Genre: Fantasy

Buy from: amazon.com/ barnesandnoble.com

Release Date: october 28th 2010


R is a brain eating zombie with basic functions, he cant remember who he was, or how old is he but one day when he eats the brain of a guy R gets flashes of memories and feelings which makes him feel human again. All this memories are of a girl named Julie who he later saves from being eaten alife. A peculiar and funny love story that I can promise you´ve never encountered before.

My personal Opinion:

If I took this book seriously I would be feeling so sad because of the things that are written this days. But ever since I saw the movie trailer for this book I chose to see this from a funny angle. This book is comedy in my perspective.

That said, Warm bodies was a captivating, funny, easy going story which takes a new prespective in a zombie apocalice scenario. The writing is great, and the story development was perfectly paced, not to fast; not too slow. I found myself laughfing constantly at the ridiculosness of this story, every time R sat with M to have a conversation I would just sit the book down and start laughfing. I think that for people who compare this book to Twilight and take it as a serious novel and not a comedy this book will be horrible and a joke to zombie literature but I liked it.

Writing: 5/5

Cover: 5/5

Characters: 3/5

Story Development: 3/5


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