Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie Time: The Life of Pi


Life of Pi was one of the most amazing films I have ever seen, I went inside the theater expecting something good, but If I had known how incredible this movie was going to be I  would have watched it sooner. The ocean was one of the many things that surprised me the most but the most outstanding, original and mind-blowing creation in this story was “The Algae Island”  this was a magical place that saved Pi´s life at a point in the movie . The island was completely made out of sea weed and had thousands of meerkats living in it, during the entire day Pi swam in the ponds and ate all the plants he could, meanwhile Richard Parker ate meerkats, which he probably found incredibly easy given the fact that this animals didn't´t run away, not having a predator ever before they probably didn't´t know they where in danger. But when the night came all the meerkats started running towards the trees and Richard Parker hid inside the life boat, soon Pi discovered that at night the sea weeds on the island realized some kind of acid that killed any fish who was inside the ponds and any meerkat who stayed in the grown. The Island took away all it´s blessings at night. 

My mind wouldn't´t wrap around what my eyes were taking in, I don´t understand what kind of equipment people used in the creation of this movie and it´s incredible effects, and I don´t want to know because a part of me likes to believe they didn't´t make anything up. This movie is truly magical without having magic in it at all, just nature and it´s wonders, the sea taken from beautiful points of view and the animals we already knew existed seen in all their glory; I just hope to someday have the change to see nature at it´s fullest like Pi did.