Friday, March 29, 2013

Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead Road Woodbury



During a terrible zombie apocalypse that wipes the earth from humans leaving horrible flesh eating monsters, a town is able to survive, having enough supplies, crops and water for many survivors. We are able to see a glimpse of Woodbury during the show “The walking Dead” in which this town plays a very important role to some of the characters; both saving and risking theirs lives.

Woodbury is a small town ruled by a man mostly known as the Governor. A cold and mysterious man who does everything possible to keep himself safe, covering his cruel actions by saying “ is for the greater good”.

My Personal Opinion:

The walking dead is one of the many TV Shows I enjoy in my free time, however it´s not the best one, I feel like the show has dragged itself too much and there is nothing really happening anymore. But when the mysterious town of Woodbury came to the picture, it really got my attention.

I found very pleasant how both in the show and in this book, Woodbury isn´t a dream come true. This is a very crude and real book, I liked it very much and I truly think that if you´re a fan of the show or the comic books you will like this short novel. It gives a little bit more information about how Woodbury was formed, some stories about the Governor and other good stuff that certainly left me satisfied.