Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coming Home by Christine s. Feldman



Callie was pushed away from her home town by some very sad memories that she wanted to avoid. Trying to forget the death of her brother and her father´s abandonment Callie leaves her house at age 18, leaving behind her high school crush and her brother´s best friend Danny and her mother.

Now, 8 years later because of an unfortunate event Callie finds herself in the place she had escaped. As the time she spends there passes Callie will realize that her feelings for Danny are still at bay.

Will her relationship with Danny become something more than just a friendship? will Callie discover why her father left so many years ago? and more importantly will she  finally come back  home?


My Personal Opinion:

This book was truly a pleasant surprise, usually when I read such a short book (128 pages) I never find myself caring too much for the characters, simply because there isn´t enough time to get to know them well but Coming home is a whole different story.

The story development took most of the pages of this book, which worked great in this case because it build anticipation and gave me time to love and understand the main characters. This book brought many emotions to the surface,I would often find myself complaining to Callie for her decisions,yelling at Danny for not trying hard enough or awwing and crying whenever there was a sweet moment.

Coming home is an emotional ride, beautifully written and developed, this kind of books are the ones that remind me that writing is art and that quantity doesn't´t necessarily means quality.