Thursday, August 1, 2013

The bargain by Christine S. Feldman

The bargain by christine FeldmanSynopsis:

Shannon Mahoney is not the kind of girl who turns heads, she has always been too shy to capture any men´s attention and chooses comfortable cloth over tight dresses and high heel shoes.

She has had a crush on drew ever since high school, and now 10 years later she still hasn´t done anything about it, when mysterious and dangerous Michael shows up angry and violent, Shannon puts him in his place, protecting the man she has loved for more than 10 years, but what will happen when they make a deal? Will Michael fulfill his end of the bargain?

My personal Opinion:

I love small romance novels, with everything this days turning into a trilogy its refreshing to read a small book like this. The bargain is a short contemporary romance which fulfilled all of my expectations, it was beautifully written and innocent. The characters were well developed and the romance between the two main characters didn't´t feel rushed despite the length of the book. 

I would absolutely love it if Christine made a side novel about Drew´s and Michael´s high school years, often while reading about Michael´s regrets I found myself wanting to know more about all the things he did and went through.

Overall I enjoyed this novel very much and I would recommend it to all ages because it´s a very light, funny and enjoyable read! Christine has surprised me once again with amazing characters and a beautiful story.