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Destined By Jessie Harrell


Destined by Jessie Harrell


Author: Jessie Harrell

Pages: 260

Genre: Fantasy, romance, Mythical, YA paranormal

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Release Date: November 17th 2011


You cant scape what’s destined, When a painter becomes famous by painting Psyche’s face, she becomes the most beautiful girl in Greece. Men from everywhere would come to admire her beauty. You would think Psyche’s life would be full of greatness and satisfactions, but everything changes when her prophesy goes wrong and instead of marring a God she ends up trapped; trying to fight her feelings for a creature that even Gods fear.

Destined is a fresh and heart aching romantic retelling of cupid & Psyche myth from debut novelist Jessie Harrell


Personal Opinion

Destined is a quick and very cute read. The love story between Eros and Psyche is a lot like The Beauty and The Beast; and that is my favorite love story ever so I really like their relationship. Only good books bring out the reader’s emotions and Destined did that to me, I would feel what Psyche felt in certain parts of the book so I felt very satisfied as a reader in that part. Greek culture has always been fascinating to me and I found myself learning some little things about it in this book. The only thing that called my attention (but not really annoyed me) was the fact that the book was developed in the antique Greece and the characters would sometimes use terms of speech like “Damn it” which I’m pretty sure didn’t exist in those times. The writing was good and I really liked how every other chapter the POV would change between characters. In the end I was very satisfied with this book and I’m so glad I got the chance to read it, Destined stole my heart with its moving story and it’s amazing characters. I recommend it to YA readers who want something different. Plz comment and subscribe!

Writing: 3/5

Plot: 5/5


Characters: 5/5

Story Development: 4/5- a little rushed at the end


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