Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Useful Apps for readers and Writers


Hi guys! latently I’ve been collection a lot of amazing apps for IPod and IPad! I thought I would share them with you! If you know any other cool apps then please write them in the comments!! :D


1. I like Free:

This is where it all started, “I like free” is an app that tells you when the price drops on some apps or when paid apps become free. The app is divided in education,utilities, games,lifestyle,books, productivity and more. This is a free app.


2. Mobisle Notes:

This app is totally free, it lets you write to-do lists and write normally. You can make documents and files which you can also send via e-mail. Plus it has a beautiful green color. This is a free app.



With this app you can be reading an article via the internet and save it on your iPod or IPhone so that you will be able to read it later without needing an internet connection. This is a free app.



This is a normal dictionary, the app needs internet connection to work but it has every single word you could look for! It also says the word and gives you synonyms. This is a free app.



Kindle reader, you can buy books on amazon and instead of buying a kindle you can read them on your iPhone or Ipad. This app is free.



If you want me to make another article like this one just let me know on the comments because i also have awesome games and apps for school!! :) Happy reading people!