Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coraline By Neil Gaiman




Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Mystery, fantasy

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Pages: 162

Release Date: August 29 2006



Coraline Jones just moved to an old house with her mom and dad. One rainy day Coraline explores the house out of boredom, she finds a locked door in a particular room of the house; after begging her mother she opens the door for Coraline hoping to find something amazing behind it. But there’s nothing besides a wall of bricks, Coraline leaves the door alone and goes to sleep but later that same night a series of events lead her to the door again taking her to another world very similar to her’s but everything seems “better”, she has another mother and another father, they both look a lot like her own parents except for the fact they have buttons instead of eyes. An amazing trying book that shows that having everything you ever wanted isn't as good as it seems…


My Personal Opinion:

I came across this book because of the amazing film based on it, earlier last year I read the graphic novel, then bought the movie and now I recently bought the book that started it all.  Without realizing I became addicted to this story and found myself craving more, I didn't have very high expectation about the book because in my experience movies always takes different directions from the books or leave out details but this novel wasn't like that at all. This book was amazingly similar to the movie, to the point there were lines from the book exactly alike the ones in the movie. This was a book very easy to read and a lot of fun, I give a lot of credit to Neil because he created an amazing piece of fantasy unlike any other.

Writing: 3/5

Cover: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Story Development: 5/5