Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Time: The Mortal Instruments

This trailer is soo good it convinced me to start reading the book:
The Movie:
I Say this trailer and got all exited, the special efects are amazing. The little girl in 0:56 gave me the chills and now that I´m in the process of reading the book I think that the actors they chose fit pretty well for the main characters. Overall I´m very exited to watch this movie and because of the fact that I didn´t know about the books before I can safely say that even non readers will be interested in this plot!

The Book:


City of bones is the first book in a very large series! I´m currently on page 145 and I must tell you I LOVE IT! its so amazing! I think that this book is worth reading and look at the cover you guys! It seems so mysterious! Smile please comment bellow and tell me what u liked the most about this book and what you think about the movie trailer!