Saturday, December 29, 2012

My point of view on Erotic Literature


Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey came out people all over the world have started to show interest  in erotic novels including myself. Before, erotic literature didn't cross my mind neither on a bad or on a good way but with the passing of time I have been able to read some books on this genre and I don´t see it as a taboo or an inappropriate thing anymore. I want to share my opinion regarding this topic because I know some of you think of erotic literature as bad written books which only concentrate on sex.

What we Know:

1. Erotic literature is a genre filled with mediocre work: It is! I wont lie I have seen some books that are just stupid, rushed, poorly written and way to graphic for my taste, while reading some of this books you will find yourself saying “wow that escalated quickly”. And that is something no serious reader wants because If the book is not realistic all it´s value decreases immensely.

2. Bad Taste in book Covers: If there is one thing that bothers me is the horrible book covers most of this books have. I hate having to see a  those cheap woman drooling over a fit guy, frankly it takes most of my desires to read the book.

3. It´s embarrassing: Going to a bookstore and purchasing one of this books with those strange names like “Ana´s Desire” or “Orgasmic Love” is horrible! So I say don´t do it because most of the books that have this covers are not good books


What I have learned:

1. There are good books in this genre: I will be honest with you 60% of the books on the erotic genre are bad books! But the other 40% are amazing reads, why? well because I love romance books, and I know that some of you guys do too. What is a realistic, beautiful, exiting love story that doesn´t have sex? If the writer is able to create believable situations and good characters there is nothing better than reading a good love story.

2. Why does it have to be dirty?: In my experience there are many writers that develop the intimate scenes in a very graceful way, and if you find a writer that you like in that genre you might get like 20 books in a writing that you feel comfortable with because most of this novels are stand alone books.

3. It´s not just about sex: There are erotic books with amazing plots! If any of you are book reviewers then you know that in every genre there is at least one outstanding book, and I´m here to tell you that there are many good books which aren´t just about the sex. Many of you didn´t like fifty shades of Grey but not all erotic books have those same characteristics. Keep that in mind before you judge a whole genre and the people who enjoy it.

I wrote this because I´m gonna start reviewing some erotic books in the future, it won´t happen to often but I don´t want anyone to judge or think that I´m a pervert, I hope that I´ll be able to interest you in this genre and in the end all I´m asking is to give It a chance, if you want some recommendations on good books in this genre comment bellow and I promise to answer as soon as possible!