Wednesday, April 17, 2013

24 ebooks for $55 (amazon edition)


Born At Midnight by C.C Hunter/ $ 2.99

Why I love Singlehood by Sara Guirrell/ $0.99

Wide Open by Deborah Coates


Containment by Christian Cantrell/ $2.00

Tiger lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson/ $1.99

Forgive my Fins by Tera Lynn Childs/ $1.99


Just for now by Abbu Glines/ $1.99

The inquisitor´s apprentice by Chris Moriaty/ $1.99

Summer House by Nancy Thayer/ $3.99


A trick of light by Karen Blomain/ $3.00

Damaged by H.M Ward/ $0.99

The bet by Rachel Van Dyken/ $0.99


600 hours of edward by Craig Lancaster/ $3.99

The Lace Makers of glenmara by Heather B/ $1.99

OZ: The complete collection by L.Krank Baum/ $0.99


The river´s song by Jim Stterfield/ $ 3.99

Find you in the Dark by Meredith Walters/ $2.99

Yours to savor by Scarlett Edwards/ $ 2.99


Promise me Darkness by Paige Weaver/ $0.99

Haze by Andrea Wolfe/ $0.99

Buried by Kendra Elliot/ $3.99


Brothers and Bones by James Hankins/ $0.99 Brain on fire my month of madness by Susannah Cahalan/ $2.99 She´s come undone by Wally Lamb/ $2.99