Friday, April 19, 2013

Between the lines by Jody Picoult

between the lines


Delilah has always loved reading books more than talking to people. One day she finds a fairytale that captures her completely, but what will happen when Delilah realizes that the characters in this book are special?

They are alive, repeating and acting the story every time somebody opens the book, every character is happy with this  but the main character Prince Oliver wants out , will she help the boy of her dreams come out of a world with happy endings?

My Personal Opinion:

First of all I want to talk about how beautiful this book is. The letters on each chapter have different colors, it has the illustrations described in the story in which Oliver is trapped, and the cover is incredibly pretty. This book is really something else, the story is very original and I found very interesting how the story would alternate from the book Delilah is reading to the actual story. I couldn't´t put this book down, its fun, cute and very innocent! Something that is truly hard to find this days! The structure of the book is truly complex but the writing itself is easy to understand and for that I give the authors a lot of credit. I think this book is a must buy! so go pick it up before someone else buys it first, and if you find a hardcover of this book please show me a picture!!