Monday, July 2, 2012

Exhilarating by Lily Marielle


You guys know how much I love to support independent authors and fan fictions just because those are a the simpler forms of writing, the ones that are created for fun and not to be sold. It is very refreshing to find a fanfiction which is well written and has a decent (not rushed at all) plot. I have come upon only a few and when I do I try to encourage the author to keep it up because I think that is truly a form of art!

Exhilarating is a Norse mythology fanfiction following Loki’s story, more known as Thor’s brother in the movie THOR. In this movie we were able to see Loki was a lost man who meant good but was simply misguided. In this story we get to approach Loki from a different angle and see how he was before the incident that we saw in the movie, we get to read the reasons why he is so dark and his struggles to keep those thoughts away.

In this tale Loki meets a healer who is sent to Asgard to serve the king, her name is Kara and although Loki strongly states how Kara is the simplest more common creature he as ever met, he finds himself captivated by her personality and her admiration towards him. Loki’s dark soul starts to clear a little bit in the presence of this innocent woman weather this will be enough to safe Loki from his chaotic destiny we don't know because the story is still being written; guess we will have to wait to find out.

Lily’s writing is impressive and the story line she is following is very well thought, she got to capture Loki’s personality very well and I must say I’m impressed. Please give this story a chance and leave her comments because I’m sure that will lighten her day! :)