Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie Time: Warm Bodies

Many people are talking about Warm bodies, here I bring you trailer #2 hope you enjoy
The Movie:
The movie seems to be a comedy, the director of this film got me laughing very hard after just 1 minute, I think they took the right path in the making of this movie. There are many haters who think the Idea of a zombie who talks and falls in love is ridiculous but if we make it a comedy then I think it will be a success.

warm bodiesThe book:
Oh the book…
I took it as a joke, because I didn´t think someone could write this and be serious, but after speaking with some fellow readers I realized they see the book as a serious, non-comedy work. And to me that is just ridiculous, there were times when the zombies would sit and talk to each other! how can you take that seriously!!? I think that If you take it as comedy it is amazing! but as a serious book it isnt good at all.
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